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About Apple a Day

Apple A Day HomeCare

We make it our practice to provide you with premium personal care, companion/sitter care, and staffing services. We understand that choosing someone for your personal care needs or the needs of your loved one is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make, so feel at ease in knowing that choosing us to assist you down this path of your life is the best choice. From respite care to the most basic level of companionship in adult and senior assistance, our compassionate caregivers go above and beyond to improve the quality of life of those in our care.

We are also committed to providing the community with optimal staffing services for your business. In an effort to have an efficient work environment, it is essential that companies have adequate staffing. As your business grows, it will become necessary to acquire additional staff. In the event of staffing emergencies, an employee’s leave of absence, transitioning employees, or simply temporary needs, Apple A Day HomeCare and Staffing Services, LLC is available to provide professional and skilled medical staff for your business.

Our Pledge

We, here at Apple A Day HomeCare and Staffing Services, LLC pledge to provide premium service in your time of need for staffing, personal care, respite, and companion/sitter services. We pledge to treat all of our clients with dignity, respect, and compassion.

Our Mission

At Apple A Day HomeCare and Staffing Services, LLC, our mission is simple: to enhance the quality of life for our clients and to provide premium personal care, companion/sitter, and staffing services for anyone that requests our services during his/her time of need. It is our belief that physical limitations and other disabilities should not prevent a person from maintaining a quality of life that is comfortable, dignified, and all while maintaining independence. We also believe that in an effort for a business to be successful, it is important to be fully staffed which creates a professional and organized work environment. Because we feel so strongly about providing high quality services to our clients, we will continuously incorporate new and well-researched methods and service techniques that are sure to enhance client satisfaction.

Our Team

At Apple A Day HomeCare and Staffing Services, LLC, our team consists of skillfully trained, insured and bonded, highly motivated, compassionate, and qualified professionals. We take pride in recruiting some of the best in the personal care and medical professions. All of our staff of personal care and medical professionals are either certified and/or licensed by an accredited program and are committed to making a positive impact on the community.