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Companion Care Services

Not only is it essential to maintain your normal activities of daily living but it is just as important to have positive social interactions. It is often the highlight of someone’s day when you can share a laugh and good conversation with someone else. It is not uncommon for an aging parent or a person with physical limitations to have feelings of isolation and loneliness. In an effort to achieve a balanced life, it is important that we encourage routine social interactions.

Our team members will provide:

  • Adult and elderly home companion visits
  • Assist with writing correspondence to connect with loved ones through email and social media
  • Provide assistance with expectant new mother support
  • Friendly and caring conversation
  • Encourage proper nutrition and exercise
  • Assist with planning stimulating and enjoyable outings and interactive activities
  • Stimulate mental cueing
  • Companion care while in the hospital

Don’t see something that you need or want in a companion? No need to worry, we offer personalized services that can accommodate all companion care needs.